Darwynn Driver is a last-mile logistics company enabling the delivery of customer orders including parcels every day across Canada through the use of its own fleet or its partner carriers.  Leading the way with its Fulfillment platform that generates more than thousands optimized orders daily for internal and partner drivers across Canada, Darwynn Driver allows its clients to offer their consumers a quick, reliable, and predictable experience for the last mile of their online purchases through many of the online platforms. 

Headquartered in Scarborough, ON,  Darwynn Driver employs staff in 4 provinces, constantly opening new sorting stations, partnerships and working with its parent company Darwynn Fulfillment to expand its geographic and capability fulfillment Canada Wide. 



Darwynn Drivers are the heart and soul of the organization, at Darwynn Driver we understand that our group of both drivers and contract members are core to the business operations and the sellers we serve. Providing a fair environment to our partners is the most essential factor of our pillars


Reliable service ad reliable drivers are the two stems of relatability for not only our sellers but also the ecosystem of effective route optimization 


Building a capable system and network of partners enabling our sellers to tap into a vast array of services and capabilities is one of the key differentiators of the Darwynn Driver ecosystem 


Building an ecosystem that enables effective routes to not only ensure fair pay and sustainable employee or contract practices will ensure the longevity of the Darwynn Driver program 


Building systems and networks of drivers that provide the most effective routes which in turn enables the least amount of c02 emissions and waste is one of Darwynn’s visionary objectives.  


To serve Canadian businesses and organizations by revolutionizing and evolving the world of logistics by capitalizing on the cohesion of last mile and fulfillment 


To become Canadas most effective last mile solution


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