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Why choose us

Flexible Time

Set your delivery schedule that fit your lifestyle. Darwynn Drivers can work full time or part time.

Great Payment

The more packages you deliver, the more money you will make


Our application will provide you the shortest route to maximize your earning while saving your time

Business Fulfillment Solution

The solution empower your business

At Darwynn, we take pride in offering top-tier fulfillment services for businesses and retailers of all sizes. Handling thousands of unique SKUs and shipping hundreds of thousands of products daily, we’re well-equipped to meet even the most demanding customer requirements.

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Selling your products

Darwynn marketplace enables third-party sellers to sell product directly to consumers.

How to Become A Darwynn Driver?

Driver Requirements

  • At least 18 years old
  • Valid Ontario driver’s license
  • Pass our driver screening and training tests
  • Any smartphone that can run the Darwynn Driver app

Documents Requirements

  • Driving history
  • Diver’s license
  • Criminal record
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Vehicle registration
  • Driver profile photo
  • Proof of work eligibility
  • Social Insurance Number

Vehicle Requirements

  • A van or truck
  • Have enough room for packages

Frequently asked questions

Darwynn fulfillment center has millions of business packages that need to be delivered. The packages will distribute to our micropubs, and we will find available drivers to pick them up. Drivers can be assigned or choose a delivery task and earn money for every package they deliver.

Currently, Darwynn Driver is only available in Greater Toronto Area, Canada. More cities will come soon.

Our registration process takes about 5 minutes to complete if you have all the required documents. It takes five business days for applicants to be screened and approved.

It all starts with downloading the Darwynn Driver app on your smartphone. All you need is to complete the driver registration and a mode of transportation of your choice.

No. You can use any car to deliver as long as it has enough room to place the packages.

Login Darwynn Driver app. It will guide you through the process and prompt you for missing information.

You are your boss, no minimum work hour constraints. You can set a delivery schedule that works best for you. Darwynn Driver technology helps you drive less but earn more. Feel free to check out our Deliver page.


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